Civic Innovation Lab leverages tech, data, and design and harnesses the talent of local residents to develop solutions that improve our communities.

Civic Innovation Lab - Los Angeles Launch

We believe there are people in our communities who want to direct their creative energy toward furthering the public good.

Civic Innovation Lab harnesses local talent by engaging residents in a collaborative process aimed at creating and validating new civic and social solutions developed for the public benefit. We do this by hosting user-centered design challenges and public programming that bring together expert residents, the design and tech communities, local government, and nonprofit leaders. 

Program Spotlight: Pro Bono Tech

Civic Innovation Lab is building a model of giving back that engages digital professionals, offers leadership development opportunities, and provides lasting impact to local nonprofits by leveraging the specialized tech and design skills of those in the private sector. 

Pro Bono Tech brings together teams of digital professionals to address complex challenges and help bridge the digital divide between the technology and public interest sectors. As a result, nonprofits are able to more efficiently achieve their missions and create impact for the communities they serve.

Pro Bono Tech

Digital Professionals

As a digital professional participating in Pro Bono Tech, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your skills to help nonprofits address complex challenges while engaging in professional development and peer-learning. Join our diverse team of problem-solvers.

Pro Bono Tech

Nonprofit Organizations

We understand that while your nonprofit has tremendous vision and subject matter expertise, it may lack a robust digital team that can push through projects related to using and building technology. Apply now to become a nonprofit partner and connect with pro bono tech talent in your community.