Pro Bono Tech

Pro Bono Tech bridges the digital divide between the tech and public interest sectors by bringing together teams of digital professionals to offer their skills on projects for local nonprofit organizations.

Harnessing tech talent for the public good.

Rapid proliferation of personal and mobile computing has transformed business and our private lives. However, as technology advances, so too does the gap between those who have access and those who do not. This divide is stark in the nonprofit sector, where too many organizations providing critical services to those most in need lack the digital skills and tools that could further their missions and more efficiently achieve their objectives.  

Pro Bono Tech seeks to bridge this gap.

We believe there are talented tech professionals who want to direct their creative energy toward furthering the public good. Having successfully piloted this program in New York City, Civic Innovation Lab is launching its inaugural Pro Bono Tech program in Los Angeles this fall when we will bring together tech professionals to collaboratively use digital know-how and execute well-scoped, short-term projects for Los Angeles-based nonprofits.

Pro Bono Tech is now accepting applications for its Fall 2019 program. Express your interest to join our community of pro bono digital professionals or apply to become a nonprofit partner and connect with tech talent in Los Angeles. To be considered for the Fall 2019 cohort, please apply by August 30th

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