What We Do

Civic Innovation Lab is uniquely positioned to provide community-based programs in partnership with local government, foundations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

Pro Bono Tech

Harnessing tech talent for the public good

We bridge the digital divide between the technology and public interest sectors by bringing together teams of digital professionals to offer their services on projects for local organizations that address pressing civic and social problems.

Innovation Challenges

Engaging communities in local innovation

We develop large-scale prize competitions that incentivize innovators to build solutions to complex civic and social issues. In an effort to build with our communities, and not just for them, we facilitate an engagement process that uses participatory design and open data to generate community-sourced innovation challenges. We then provide hands-on stakeholder facilitation to design, execute, and promote open innovation challenges with our partners.

Civic Incubator

Accelerating solutions into action and impact

We have taken the best from startup incubators and service design, added  innovation curriculum and prototyping expertise, and created a program that quickly validates the best locally-driven solutions. Participating innovators and early-stage startups refine their solutions through community-led usability testing and iterative product development.

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Let's Work Together

Civic Innovation Lab is building a diverse community of individuals and organizations who are passionate about using tech for good. Collaboration and partnership is the fabric of this diverse community. Contact us if you’re interested in becoming a programmatic partner.